Timelessness of the Circus: Why This Fun Summer Family Entertainment Has Aged So Well

A variety of forms of entertainment are being replaced due to newer technology. A lot of families are opting to eliminate cable TV for streaming online, and more book lovers are choosing to read eBooks. However, the circus has retained its status as a popular type of summertime family entertainment. The performers stage the show while the ringleader regulates the pace like conductors while the audience is what breathes life into the performances.

Whatever age you are, the entire family can benefit from the show. Take a look at the level of human agility manifest through the perfect control of the tightrope-walker, the power of dancers, as well as the stunning performance that magicians put on. It is impossible to attribute it to film magic if they can witness the spectacle with the eyes of a real person.

The Origins of Circus

The Ancient Roman circus is actually what we would call an actual racetrack. It was designed to show chariot and horse races and gladiatorial fights with animals.

To locate the first authentic circus, we have to go back to the 17th century. English showman and cavalry major Philip Astley began his circus in London to showcase his skills as an equestrian. Then, he added ropedancers, jugglers, and Acrobatics.

Then, circuses started being held in different regions around the globe, including Russia, China, and North America, with new circuses appearing every couple of years and the emphasis shifting from equestrian competitions to more human acts. The modern circus was here as a type of enjoyable family entertainment that was enjoyed by families all over the world.

Not All Circuses Travel

“The “traveling circus” has become the subject of many movies, but some circuses are established in their communities that they have a fixed size, and families come from all over the world to watch the spectacle. A few notable examples include:

* Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard* Budapest Circus
* Cirque driver in Paris
* Shanghai Circus World
* Circus Krone Building in Munich

Fun Summer Family Entertainment | Royal Canadian Circus | British Columbia, Richmond, Surrey, Tsawwassen

The circus is a major part of Canadian culture. So why not delight your family members by taking them to this classic form of summer fun family entertainment? This year, the Royal Canadian Circus invites you to enjoy this classic culture-rich show that will captivate everyone in the family, young and old.

RCC brings the classic circus to the present with acrobats who are exceptionally skilled from a variety of colorful backgrounds. If you’re in the area, why don’t you give some tickets to one of the charitable organizations committed to providing children in need with the chance to experience the circus?

A new season of shows is on the schedule to be performed in May, June, July, and August in major cities across British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. Get your tickets now online to attend The Royal Canadian Circus and become part of the long-standing history of entertaining.

The circus isn’t only an enjoyable summer activity for families. It’s a major iconic cultural event that shouldn’t be left out. Circuses delight people from all over the world, including China, Australia, and Monaco. They were also popular in Monaco. Russian spectacle was so well-known that the Soviet Union held its national circus in the past.
The first circuses were from England and grew out of the practice of equestrian sports. Today, performers, acrobats, and tightrope walkers share the excitement that kids across the globe can’t wait to experience.
Find out the latest buzz buying tickets for a Royal Canadian Circus show this year. Tickets are available now for shows throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. We’re certain that it will be the most memorable event of your summer.

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