Two weeks ago, we introduced Codos Codos, our new friend in all things breakfast-related, and today, we’re turning our attention to coffee and tea since, let’s face the fact that most of us cannot start our day without having hot, caffeinated, and, perhaps most importantly, delicious! We take our morning coffee extremely seriously, so when we say that we did research before choosing the right one, it’s a sure sign that we’ve done it right!

Jared, One of The Circus Crew members, enthusiastic runner, and charity advocate, has brought the finest breakfast for our guests for months. The search for the finest coffee and tea in Berlin ran through the city. He didn’t have much selection with all the caffeine consumed on a daily day basis…

Then he got to know Philipp and Laurel, the duo of coffee experts that run Vote Coffee, and the chase for coffee was over. With more than a decade’s experience in artisanal coffee and a wealth of knowledge, they are the real experts, and you can be sure that their coffee is of the highest quality available. If you need some background information, you may recognize Philipp from his time managing Kaffe 9. in the renowned Markthalle Neun Berlin’s most well-known food market.

What convinced us that Vote is the best option for us is more than the high quality of their coffee beans and their ability to make coffee. We have very high standards regarding transparency and sustainability, and Vote has met our expectations in all respects. They strive to create an equitable and fair value chain within the coffee industry through transparent and holistic methods that link farmers and consumers.

Their work is not limited to roasting coffee and consulting but also the social facets of this global product that connect people. This is why Laurel and Philipp are involved in initiatives such as their work with the Berlin Coffee Archives and the Specialty Coffee Association to help make a difference toward a better world with coffee.

We were so impressed with Philipp and Laurel’s expertise in coffee and knowledge that we decided to incorporate it into our rooms, too. This means that the hand-crafted coffee you’ll be able to enjoy at your home is precisely what you will find in our breakfast room! Each room is equipped with a drip coffee made of beans from Vote, and you can identify by the aromas of dark chocolate and subtle hints of red apple.

We’ve had enough of coffee; we’re aware that plenty of people in the world love tea. Therefore, we ensure that regardless of the hot beverage you choose when you visit The Circus Hotel, you’ll always get the finest Berlin offers. Likely, you won’t be surprised to find out which tea business we have teamed up with. It’s Paper&Tea. Was it just a guess? All? …?

The most crucial thing in this instance was that the tea vendor we picked was in Berlin. The tea we chose was top-quality and has a great flavor, naturally. It would be best if you didn’t leave this out. Suppose you’re unfamiliar with P&T and Paper and Tea. In that case, they are the pioneers of modern tea culture that offers organic tea that’s the product of a refined blend of tradition and a love for the pleasures of consuming artisanal, high-quality tea.

Jared had the pleasure of hosting Simon, who was extremely welcoming and enthusiastic to share his vast knowledge of this sacramental drink and give us a comprehensive sampling tour through their fantastic range. It was an easy choice when we knew we’d found what we wanted. Now, you are aware of what you can anticipate when you need a warm tea. Our range of P&T teas includes both loose leaves and bags, and we’re trying to ensure a selection that will satisfy all tastes – including green and black blends to immune-boosting ayurvedic blends.

If this doesn’t make you happy to wake up to a new day at The Circus Hotel, perhaps our 20 percent discount for all bookings up to March 31st is! Go to our website and make a reservation for your first night. We will reopen on December 1st.

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