Fire Eaters & Fire Breathers

Fire Eaters & Fire Breathers

If there is one thing Flamewater Circus is famous for, it’s our incredible fire eaters and fire breathers. Led by Shade Flamewater, the creator of these magical fire eating tricks, the Flamewater Circus pushes the boundaries of possibility with our fire wizardry. For inspiring, one-of-a-kind entertainment, you need the Flamewater Circus Fire Breathers at your event!

Half Man, Half Dragon

Flamewater Circus fire eater and fire breathers will amaze, amuse and astound with their magic and mystery. We have a huge variety of costume themes you can choose from; including Steampunk, Black Tie, Eastern and more. Let us know what you want your event to look like!

Witness The Impossible

Our fire eating stunts are a viral sensation, and have been featured on MTV and Reddit, has over 2 million views on Imgur, and has been in publications around the world! Flamewater Circus strives to go above and beyond for our clients. If you have a certain look in mind, or want to see something specific, let us help make it a reality! Otherwise, leave it in our capable hands and we will create an experience like no other.

A Custom Show Built For You

Our male fire performers can perform fire eating, fire breathing and fire dancing. You can choose to have a single performer, a duo act of two performers, or make a stunning group show with more artists! Contact us to start planning spectacular entertainment for your next event.

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A Variety Of Performance Options Available

All events are different, and we understand that there is always a unique way our services can be utilized. We provide several different options or formats to book our fire performers. Take time to consider which option will best suit your event when making your booking.


Position any number of our fire performers at the entrance of your event to ensure you are enchanting your guests from the moment they arrive.


The Flamewater Circus will wander your venue while performing. This is most suitable for medium to large scale events, as the performers have the most reach this way.


Our talented performers will take you away on an amazing journey of mastery over fire and magic. The lights are set low, the performance music builds, and our stunning performers amaze the crowd! This is a popular choice for weddings and corporate shows.

Shade Flamewater featured on Outrageous Acts of Science

Fire Eaters and Fire Breathers Sydney – Flamewater Circus Gallery

See Shade’s latest fire eating performance!

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