Fire Eating Workshops

Fire Eating Workshops with Shade Flamewater, Mini Azur and the Flamewater Circus

Thank you for your interest in our fire eating workshops! All students are welcome, we are happy to guide complete beginners and working professionals. For years people have asked us how to use our Hollow Fire Eating Wands, how to master vapor tricks, and many more fire eating techniques. Now is your chance to learn!

Online Fire Eating and Fire Breathing Classes

Our world-renowned fire crew teach their amazing skills online! Shade Flamewater is available to teach fire eating classes in English, Mini Azur can teach fire eating classes in English, French and Spanish, and Jandro Fuego is our online fire breathing instructor. Classes can be held over Skype, Zoom or any video platform that suits. Click here to see online teachers and prices.

Group Fire Eating Workshops Worldwide

Flamewater Circus travels the world regularly to host group fire eating workshops. If you are interested in receiving information about upcoming workshops and events in your area, please fill out the form below! If enough students register their interest in the same area, we will come and teach fire eating classes! Scroll down to see upcoming workshops.

Dear Students!

This is Shade Flamewater, and I am super excited for the chance to come and teach you the secrets of fire eating.

I am looking at the data  collected from our website and am now beginning to plot and plan the tour. But I need your help! In order to hold the classes, I am seeking hosts and venues to assist in the delivery of our magic.

I aim to be able to teach at least 10 people at a time, and so will need an indoor venue capable of hosting a group fire eating class. Due to the fickle nature of fire, and how any amount of air movement affects the flame, the classes must be held inside for the safety of the students. Suitable venues could include a warehouse, large garage (double garage is fine), circus studio etc.  If you can help with the venue and keep costs down, we can make the classes much more affordable! If you have a suitable space and would like to host us, please make a note in the form above or send us a message directly.

Thank you all for your support and I hope to see you in 2019!

– Shade Flamewater

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016

After a wildly successful tour of Europe and North America; Shade was awarded the Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year!

fire eating workshops


5 Replies to “Fire Eating Workshops”

  1. Shade is honestly the reason I started getting interested in fire eating. Not only for his incredible skill and technique but also just from seeing how he interacts with his students. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to eat fire. He’s amazing 🙂

  2. Absolutely an amazing experience! the amount of experience gained in the beginner/advanced classes is completely insane. Shade is the only person who can transform a novice into intermediate/advanced in 6 hours. We also had a pretty good sized class but shade powered through and stuffed so much in to such a little amount of time. Great for anyone, complete beginner or advanced. Always learn something new from this guy.

  3. 2 months ago my life was ignited into a roaring passion by a clip from Spinfest of my man Shade Flamewater!! Just watching and idolizing him has taught me all I know about this art and it has certainly fueled other aspects of my being. Now I’ve become amoung the top fire eaters of Hawaii, hosting fire eating workshops and started a troupe that has already made a reputation in parts of US, Canada and New Zealand. If i were to attend your workshop, holy shit, there would be no stopping me. Seriously, thank you, for your passion and sacrifice to this art! I hope to walk in your steps.

  4. Shade, If you come to the USA, and venture to the beautiful Oregon Coast, I have a cool event space, where we host small fire gatherings, events, and workshops. Please look us up. Great space for a fire eating workshop weekend!?❤️? Artfarm Barn on fb

  5. I am new to the fire eating world as of a few months ago and just had my first performance for the winter solstice. I just want to say that since I came across Shade Flamewater I have been more inspired than ever to learn more and practice more. Watching what you guys do is so inspirational and motivational it simply makes me feel awe struck and is the reason that today Christmas morning my way of celebrating is to meet my coach at cirque roots and learn and practice more. Thank you sooooo much for doing what you do and inspiring me.

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