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Flamewater Circus Named One Of Fest 300 Magazine’s 8 Phenomenal Festival Troupes

“There are many fire performance groups, but the folks at the Flamewater Circus seem to be upping the ante when it comes to breathing techniques. Slow, controlled breaths are used to manage flames, which makes for an intimate experience with the performers; you can see and almost feel the air leaving their bodies and exploding into fire. It’s also impressive that the conductor and namesake of Flamewater Circus actually maintains a strong beard game alongside his fire-breathing profession.”

Fest 300 Magazine

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016

After a wildly successful tour of Europe and North America; Shade Flamewater was awarded the Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016!

fire eating workshops

Train Tracks Event with Flamewater Circus

“We gathered at the north side staircase of Hyde Park under the giant archway of the the guardian fig trees. We were young, we were old, some of us in suits and hoodies, others in ponchos, puffy-white flares and fisherman pants. But on this night, we were the same.”


“Then arrived The Flamewater Circus led by Shade Flamewater. Five fire dancers entered and were soon joined by four more, some circling the fountain, others walking through it. Twirling hoola-hoops of fire around their bare bellies. Stroking their skin with the flames. Blowing fire into the air to the beat of the drums as if they were blowing oversized bubbles. We moved down off the steps and closer in, feeling the heat of the flames against our faces. The space between performers and spectators burned away.”

Shade Flamewater’s Fire Eating Trick Goes Viral

Shade Flamewater filmed this fire eating trick while on tour in London. It has since been featured on the front page of Reddit and Imgur, as well as featured in several Youtube compilations and online articles. Over 2 million views on Imgur!

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Shade Flamewater Stars in Award Winning Short Film – O’BEAH

Directed and Animated by Award Winning Director Pauline B. Appiah
Shade Flamewater stars as the title character in this award winning short film – O’BEAH.
OBeah Awards

The Flamewater Circus @ Dark Mofo (MONA)

Dark Mofo, Tasmania’s winter festival, delves into centuries-old winter solstice rituals, exploring the links between ancient and contemporary mythology, humans and nature, religious and secular traditions,darkness and light, and birth, death and renewal. Dark Mofo is presented by MONA (Museum of Old and New Art). 

Happy Hamby Campers Review

“I picked up a business card, in case we need anything further down the track.  I was expecting a boutique toyshop but our devil stick demonstrator is actually the director of Flamewater Circus”

Happy Hamby Campers

Community Partner of Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Newtown Festival and Newtown Neighbourhood Centre are proud to be in partnership with the Flamewater Circus.

Flamewater Circus featured on

The Flamewater Circus hula hoopers have been featured twice on!

“They light up their fire hoops for us for this invigorating performance in an eccentric steampunk workshop.”

Earthcore Music Festival

Earthcore 2015

Sydney On Fire Sponsors

“On the 11th of November 2012 we broke the Fire-Twirling Guinness Book World Record in Talin’s Memory and to raise funds for Bear Cottage an organisation that helps kids with terminal illnesses and their parents through these tough times.”


Glebe Street Fair Partners

“If your kids like to live dangerously, you’ll have a tough time keeping them away from this troupe of fire twirlers. Here they can learn the basics of circus performance like hula hooping, twirling and juggling from Sydney’s premiere circus pros.”

Featured on Burn Crew Concept Paris



The Flamewater Circus Girls Model for Amulet Bikinis by Izzy Ivy

Lexi Frost Flamewater Circus Izzy Ivy Art Bikini bikinis goddess beautiful stunning amazing Sydney made in australia beautiful amazing crystal amulet zizzyfay model bikini shoot hot bikini babe sexy

Subsonic Music Festival

fire eater and fire breathers sydney flamewater circus Flamewater Circus Sydney Fire Performers Fire Eaters

Lady Vixen featured in Inked & Hitched Magazine

Lady Vixen Inked (2)

Indian Film Awards 2012


Shade’s Fire Eating Workshops in German News

“For the two-day seminar, Lydia Schwarz was able to win “Shade Flamewater” from Australia, which gave the numerous participants many hot tricks.”


Shade’s Fire Eating Workshops featured in Swedish News

“Wow, it’s great to have them here to Vasteras. Shade Flame Water is well regarded as the world’s best fire-eaters, says Erik Klinga, one of jesters Trix Theater.”