Meet The Team

Meet The Team From Flamewater Circus

From the first magic sparkle, to the last flaming crescendo, Flamewater Circus has dazzled audiences the world over with our unique blend of fire, circus and magic. Flamewater Circus brings to your door the very best entertainers Sydney has to offer. Flamewater Circus is THE place for Sydney fire performers.

For over 10 years, we have sculpted the team of Flamewater Circus into the talented performers they are today. Drawing on the concept of audience enchantment and seamless servicing, Flamewater Circus delivers consistently breathtaking performances that are easy to book and simple to implement into your event’s flow of the night. Check out the rest of our site for more insights into what we do and how we can help your event go off with a bang!

Shade Flamewater

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Shade Flamewater is the founder of Flamewater Circus based in Sydney, Australia. Specializing in the mystic arts of fire and magic, Shade and his team have dedicated themselves to creating otherworldly feats. Audiences the world over have been left spellbound by Shade’s unique blend of circus, magic and fire performance.

Mini Azur

Mini is from Montreal, Canada, and leads our Canadian fire performance team! Having helped grow the Montréal fire scene since 2010, Mini now tours the world with her fire show; teaching and performing her signature fire tricks.

Jason “Dangerboy” Hodgson

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Dangerboy specializes in performing phenomenal feats of human endurance, drawing inspiration from late 1800’s Bohemian cabaret and dust-bowl era circus sideshow. Well known for his daredevil antics on Australia’s Got Talent!

Christopher Hawkins

Christopher Hawkins is a master circus performer based in Sydney. Hawkins performs his incredible talents with contact juggling and fire staff manipulation. Having been an integral part of Flamewater Circus since we began, Hawkins will charm, amaze and delight you and your audience.

Daniel Spade

Daniel Spade provides entertainment and laughter to amuse audiences through magic tricks, card manipulation, levitation acts, and mind reading. A man of many talents, Daniel is also an incredible musician, providing music to our fire shows with his didgeridoo and djembe drum skills.

Diesel Darling

Diesel and her beloved python Danger definitely know how to get a crowd’s engine revving! With these kind of skills it’s no wonder she turbo charges the dance floor. Diesel has taken her risky, frisky and deviously dangerous shows all over Australia.

Ez Arizona

Aerial superstar Arizona is a multi award winning circus performer. Currently the reigning Australian pole champion, Arizona is also an incredible lyra performer, acrobat and fire eater. Arizona is a feature artist in our Atomic Bombshells team!

Hailey Jade

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Hailey Jade hails from South Africa, and has traveled with Flamewater Circus in France, Papua New Guinea, Africa and all through Australia. Residing in Byron Bay, you can often see Hailey performing her fire shows in the Byron Bay nightlife.

Izzy Ivy

Izzy Ivy has been has been performing with Flamewater Circus since 2010. A highly skilled and versatile fire performer, Izzy is also an accomplished artist. Izzy is responsible for much of our costume design and artistic direction.

James Ward-Collins

James began his fire journey at the Flamewater Circus classes in Sydney, and became one of Sydney’s biggest fire icons. Known for his regular fire community events STATUSFLOW, James is a darling of the Australian circus community and an incredible fire performer.

Jasmine Brophy

Jasmine is our youngest Flamewater Circus team member! Jasmine began learning circus with us at the young age of 14 and has grown into an an incredible circus performer! And to think we knew her when she was only this big.

Kateriina Frolova

Kat is from Germany, now living in Sydney and part of our Atomic Bombshells team! Kat is a fantastic fire eater and aerial performer, and has been wowing the crowds in Sydney reguarly with her nightclub performances.

Lady Vixen

Lady Vixen has performed all over the world, most recently in Singapore for the Grand Prix. Ms Vixen is an extremely talented and versatile performer, specializing in fire and fun!

Lexi Frost

Lexi Frost has been synonymous with Flamewater Circus since our inception, and is also one of our founding members. A highly skilled and versatile fire performer, Lexi has entertained thousands of audiences around the country. Based in Sydney, Lexi is a crowd favorite and never fails to impress.

Lolita Del Pino

Lolita is a musician, DJ and fire performer from Paris. Creator of our Atomic Bombshells music and one of our featured Atomic Bombshell fire performers. Lolita is based in Sydney and has been with Flamewater Circus since 2016.

Roshie Ferrero

Roshie is an award winning performer based in Sydney. Having trained under Shade Flamewater in fire eating, Roshie is now a fire eating star in her own right. One of the feature performers of the Atomic Bombshells team, Roshie brings the heat with her fire shows!

Sasha Fae

Scarla Fae is an incredibly talented and versatile artist. Sacha is a major contributor to our choreography and costume design. You can book Scarla Fae for belly dancing shows, fire shows, children’s entertainment, face painting and belly dance workshops.

TJ Hynd

TJ is one of our feature Atomic Bombshell members and a multi award winning performer. TJ is in Woolloongong and performs reguarly in Sydney and Canberra. Catch TJ performing at Sexpo Australia and many other events.

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