Shade Flamewater

Fire Wizard and Magician.

Shade Flamewater does it all!

Fire Eating, Magic, Dragon Taming… Shade does it all. With over 12 years of stage performances up his sleeve, Shade Flamewater knows how to make the magic happen. Proficient at card, production and dove magic, Shade also is one of Australia’s greatest doublestaff performers.

Shade shines Magic

Magician, Comedian, Fire Performer, Sideshow Entertainer, Clown & more!

Shade Flamewater is the founder of Flamewater Circus based in Sydney, Australia. Specializing in the mystic arts of fire and magic, Shade and his team have dedicated themselves to creating otherworldly feats. Audiences the world over have been left spellbound by Shade’s unique blend of circus, magic and fire performance. Considered by his peers to be the best fire eater in the world, expect to see something you’ve never seen before when Shade Flamewater takes the stage!

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