Dragon Staff

Fire Dragon Staffs – Flamewater Circus Professional Equipment

Welcome to our online store. Here you will find our selection of fire dragon staffs. All of our dragon staff products have been rigorously tested by our Flamewater Circus team, and they are all top quality! We have made sure that all our dragon staffs are collapsible, so they are easy to transport. There are both aluminum and carbon fiber dragon staffs available. Carbon fiber is more lightweight and less likely to bend, so please consider that when making your purchase.

We all know your dragon staff is the biggest, bulkiest flow prop, and is so difficult to carry with you! With these collapsible dragon staffs you can easily take the wicks and hubs off, and break your staff down into three pieces! Now your dragon staff will fit into your backpack and you can take it with you anywhere. These are the same dragon staffs Flamewater Circus uses when we go on tour!

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