Fire Dancing

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Fire Dancing Equipment for Sale

Fire dancing has been a beautiful performance for thousands of years. The Ancient Aztecs used fire dancing as a dedication to Xiuhtecuhti, Aztec god of fire. Not only this, but ancient cultures in Bali were known to use fire dancing as a ritual to frighten away witches. These performances and rituals carried through to modern times, where fire dancing is seen as a respected and invigorating performance.

Are you the next fire dancing master? Need some extra equipment to further your knowledge and skill level in this most beautiful of performances? Then you’re in luck. Flamewater provides all the equipment you need to become the next fire dancing star. The equipment, available for purchase at our online store, ranges from twirlers to pois and even coloured flame fuel.

We are able to provide delivery throughout Australia. So, if you’re giving fire dancing a red hot go in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or anywhere beyond, and looking for some top of the range equipment for your practise, simply place an order and we’ll have it delivered straight to your location and ready to be danced with.

Flamewater – Australia’s Premier Circus and Supplies Company

When you’re looking for Australia’s most magical and legendary circus performance company, then Flamewater is the name that should spring to mind. We are the masters of all things circus: fire twirling, breathing, belly dancing, stilt walking, magicians – everything! And we perform for kinds of events: birthdays, weddings, corporate parties – everything! Not only this, but we are also Australia’s number one supplier of quality circus supplies, and the same goes for our range of fire dancing equipment.

Feel free to browse our extensive range of awesome fire dancing products – you will find everything you need to become the next big thing in this magical, ancient art.

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If you would to find out more about our range of fire dancing equipment, fire eating equipment, fire performances, or any of the other products available at the Flamewater online store, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of staff. We are committed to providing our customers with an exceptional standard of service, and are always happy to answer questions for anyone who is interested in taking up this majestic ancient performance.

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