Fire Eating

Hollow Fire Eating Torches

Fire eating has been a part of Indian culture for performances for hundreds of years. The Hindu, Sadhu and Fakir religions used fire breathing as a method of displaying spiritual attainment. By the 1800s it had become a common feature for sideshow performers, and artists had to show their skill as a fire eater as an entry level skill of performance. However, skilled performers were highly regarded for their dedication and skill for the craft.

Are you looking to become one of these skilled performers? One who earns their place as an equal amongst the circus community? Then, it is safe to say you have come to the perfect place. Set the flames of passion for this ancient skill and find your hollow fire eating wands at the Flamewater Circus online store. With an awesome range that has the tick of approval from our leader, fire eating expert Shade Flamewater, you will find everything you need right here for becoming a magician of the art of fire eating.

We also have a great range of products for learning how to dance with fire and can provide our own legendary fire dancers for special events including weddings.

Skype Fire Eating Workshops with Shade Flamewater

New to the challenge? Do you have your own hollow fire eating torch but don’t know how to start learning the practise, not to worry, our master fire eater and Flamewater leader can train you to become a master of the art. His Skype training sessions will teach you all the necessary requirements for becoming a champion of the majestic art of fire eating. Simply get in contact with Shade and you can both work out the best time to hold your class.

All you have to then is grab your wand and ensure you have a decent internet connection (so that Skype doesn’t drop out!) and you will be treated to an enlightening workshop on this most enjoyable of practises.

Have a Question? Feel Free to Ask Us

If you have any questions about the art of fire breathing, or have a question about a particular torch available at the Flamewater Circus online store, feel free to get in contact with our friendly team of performers. We’re always happy to help with any questions you have you regarding our products or practise, as we are committed to providing all those interested in learning this art with an awesome level of communication.

Fill out an enquiry form on our contact page and we will get back to you with all the information you require.

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