Montreal Fire Eating Workshops with Mini Azur


Private workshops available in Montreal with Mini Azur!

2 hour 1-on-1 classes for $150 (currently on sale!)

Held in our Montreal studio. Contact us to set up a time!


Montreal Fire Eating Workshops with Mini Azur

Now is your chance to learn fire eating from the Queen of Gasoline herself; Mini Azur. Private lessons are available with Mini in her Montreal studio by appointment. Contact us today for bookings and info!


Our studio is located in Montreal, 5155 Rue D’Iberville H2G2A9

Montreal fire eating workshops

Mini Azur is available for Montreal fire eating of all levels. You may be interested in a complete beginners class or maybe you want to increase your professional skills. Some types of workshops Mini can offer:

Beginner Class teaches introduction to fire safety, simple hand tricks, Jellyfish Extinguishes, Palm Extinguishes, Tongue Transfer, how to eat fire, and beginner vapor tricks.

Advanced Class teaches more advanced vapor techniques, including 5 ways to draw vapor, the Human Candle, Fire Balls, and more advanced vapor tricks.

Super Advanced Class continues on from the Advanced Class, and teaches more combination tricks; how to link vapor tricks, jellyfish and body transfers.

Partner Fire Eating is perfect for performance duos and groups who want to learn fancy fire tricks together. Tricks include: partner fleshing transfer, partner vapor tricks, act creation and lots of other tips and techniques.

How Much Is The Class?

1 on 1 private workshops are $150 for 2 hours. Different prices apply for longer sessions or group workshops. Contact us today for bookings and info!

What To Wear

Please wear natural fabric clothing like cotton, denim, hemp etc. Ideally a black t-shirt and jeans, something you don’t mind getting dirty! Please tie back any long hair! Gents with long beards should bring a hairtie for it too. Please make sure you bring a water bottle for yourself, and we recommend you bring some food for yourself as it’s a long day for those of you taking multiple classes.

Hollow Fire Eating Torches for sale at the class!

Hollow Fire Eating Torches are available for sale at $50 a pair from Mini. We accept cash, eTransfer and Paypal.
What are Hollow Torches? Check out info, pics and video on our shop page here.

Mini Azur Fire Eating Workshop Reviews

Check out what people have said about our classes! See all our reviews on our Facebook page.

Went to Mini’ s workshop on Saturday and my mind was blown !! Literally been taught from beginner to super advanced and the epic safety precautions ! Even the little details you don’t even think of!! It was so much fun , had such a giggle … these guys are highly passionate about fire, professional , super talented and extremely awesome as well as fully licenced / insured they have a wicked sense of humour! They teach techniques that make you understand and stick so you can practice without confusion. – Francesca Harding

Wonderful performers, but beautiful, talented, and patient teachers as well! – Melissa Stump

Excellent way of teaching and nice atmosphere
learning from them was really fun! I recommend this class and these awesome performers. – Benjamin Prince-Dorval

Just fantastic. Shade and Mini’s methods, passion, knowledge and skills are phenomominal. Felt like I was in the best hands for safety and you feel so at ease with them. The level they are at and they still manage to share their knowledge in the most nurturing way. Gold stars from me. – Natalie Showdoll