Toronto Fire Eating & Fire Breathing Workshops


Toronto Fire Eating & Fire Breathing Workshops

Saturday 1st June – Fire Eating

Sunday 2nd June – Fire Breathing



Toronto Fire Eating & Fire Breathing Workshops with Shade Flamewater & Mini Azur

Toronto Fire Eating and Fire Breathing Workshops 2019

Shade Flamewater and Mini Azur are coming back to Toronto, ON to teach their groundbreaking fire eating and fire breathing techniques! Group lessons will be held Saturday June 1st (fire eating) and Sunday June 2nd (fire breathing) 2019.

Toronto Fire Eating & Fire Breathing Workshops Schedule

Saturday June 1st 2019
Beginner Fire Eating 11am-1pm
Advanced Fire Eating 2pm-4:30pm
Master Fire Eating 5pm-7pm

Sunday June 2nd 2019
Fire Breathing Class 11am-2pm

A discount is available if you wish to take the full day of fire eating classes on Saturday, and also for taking the whole weekend of all classes. Please select Full Day Saturday or Whole Weekend to book classes at a discount! Please note all ticket sales are final and not refundable.


The Talent Lab
80 Colville Rd
North York, ON, M6M 2Y4

Class Descriptions

Beginner Fire Eating teaches introduction to fire safety, simple hand tricks, Jellyfish Extinguishes, Palm Extinguishes, Tongue Transfer, how to eat fire, and beginner vapour tricks.

Advanced Fire Eating teaches more advanced vapour techniques, including 5 ways to draw vapour, the Human Candle, Fire Balls, and more advanced vapour tricks.

Master Fire Eating continues on from the Advanced class, and teaches more combination tricks; how to link vapour tricks, jellyfish and body transfers.

Fire Breathing Class teaches safe and correct fire breathing techniques. A thorough discussion is held on many aspects of fire breathing and safety, including the dangers of fire breathing, minimum safe distance, health hazards and risks and more. Fire Breathing techniques and tricks are explained in great detail, and all students will have an opportunity to practice these techniques in the class. SPACES ARE LIMITED!

What To Wear

Please wear natural fabric clothing like cotton, denim, hemp etc. Ideally a black t-shirt and jeans, something you don’t mind getting dirty! Please tie back any long hair! Gents with long beards should bring a hair-tie for that too. Please make sure you bring a water bottle for yourself, and we recommend you bring some food for yourself as it’s a long day for those of you taking multiple classes.

Hollow Fire Eating Torches for sale at the class!

Hollow Fire Eating Torches will be available for sale at $50 a pair on the day. We accept cash, credit card and Paypal.
What are Hollow Torches? Check out info, pics and video on our shop page here.

Shade Flamewater Fire Eating Workshop Reviews

Check out what people have said about our classes! See all our reviews on our Facebook page.

I had booked in for both of Shade’s fire eating classes… He is an amazing, genuine and very talented guy…and a truly wonderful teacher with a sense of humor. He went with the principle of you do what you are comfortable with which was great and really worked for me. I hadn’t ever done anything like this before but with Shade’s clear instructions, demonstrations and encouragement I managed to pick up most of the tricks he taught me. He gave me suggestions for practicing the techniques I had just learnt and great tips for fire safety and looking after my fire eating gear which is always a plus.
I would highly recommend him as a teacher to anyone who is either a curious beginner or a well practiced fire eater. And I look forward to future classes. – Lux Corvinus

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking the beginner and advanced workshops. The beginner class was great for practicing and correcting a few techniques I already know. I definitely leveled up with the advanced. Shade is an absolutely wonderful teacher. Shade is knowledgeable, patient, and personable, which is a great combination for teaching. I’m more than satisfied and excited to practice and build on what I learned! Definitely money and time well spent! Thanks for stopping by Ohio!  – Ariel Renae

My love and I took the beginner class and learned so much. I’m thankful to have learned from such skilled people! Thanks for coming to Akron ( Cleveland! ) – Jennifer Baker

Wonderful performers, but beautiful, talented, and patient teachers as well! – Melissa Stump

Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year

After a wildly successful tour of Europe and North America; Shade was awarded the Flow Arts Institute Instructor of the Year 2016!

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Toronto Workshops

Beginner Fire Eating, Advanced Fire Eating, Master Fire Eating, Fire Breathing Class, Full Day Saturday, Whole Weekend


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