Acrobats, Animals and Clowns…Summer Fun for You and Your Whole Family

Are you looking for something that the whole family can enjoy?

Everyone loves the Circus. The acrobats are a favorite among children. You’ll feel like a child again when you see the wonders of the Circus from your child’s perspective. Grandparents will be transported back to their first Circus visit all those years ago, and they’ll feel a connection to their grandkids through an exciting experience.

This summer, the Royal Canadian Circus will be in town. This is a Canadian family tradition that you and your family should not miss. Get your Royal Canadian Circus tickets online at

Fun, affordable, and animal friendly. Our animal performers are in close collaboration with their trainers. They challenge each other to amaze their audiences and show how people and animals can work and live together in harmony. The Circus is a great way for kids to learn this important lesson.

Our Circus collaborates with zoos, universities, and researchers to maintain the genetic diversity and health of exotic animals in North America. The Circus also supports animal sanctuaries to protect the cousins of the animal performers in their natural habitat. You and your family can enjoy the Circus, knowing that it helps animals both at home and abroad.

Our acrobats are sure to be a hit with your child if they enjoy sports, gymnastics, or dance. Years of training and artistry translate into performances that will engage your entire family. Astonishment and fascination for the wide-eyed!

The clowns are here! They spend years developing their clown characters, makeup, and costumes for your entertainment. They are magic.

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