The Royal Canadian Circus Is Better than Ever

Royal Canadian Circus returns with a spectacular line-up in 2016. You’ll be surprised at what we have planned for you. We are pulling out the stops with exciting acts and incredible performances to make sure you and your family enjoy yourselves.

Animals are everywhere!

What would a circus look like without animal performances and acts? Elephant acts are the real treasure. Horses and ponies performing tricks with grace is a joy to watch, but our elephant acts are even more impressive. These intelligent and magnificent animals will amaze you with their incredible feats, assisted by trainers and ringleaders under the Big Top! Each performance is different, and each version is great for kids and families.

Trapeze is a great sport.

Circus performers are some of the most fit athletes in the world. Trapeze artists train as gymnasts their entire lives to perform aerial feats and make them appear effortless. It is difficult for any athlete, but especially one who has to balance speed, power, and strength while also maintaining endurance.

They are the backbone of our circus. They work hard every day, making sure that their shows are entertaining and fun for everyone. Trapeze artists aren’t the only ones who put in a lot of effort. You can also see other incredible athletes at the circus, including tightrope walkers, cyclists, animal handlers who perform with animals, acrobats, and gymnasts.

The perfect gift for kids and family

The circus is one family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy. You will feel nostalgic if you attended the circus as a child. The tightrope walker or elephants performing tricks will make you remember your childhood. You might be even more amazed by such acts than your kids, who are likely to have no idea what to expect when they go to the circus for the first time.

Children will be fascinated by the many attractions at the circus, from the bright lights, acrobatics, and clowns doing funny skits. The chaos is a favorite of men and women of all ages. Your children will soon do the same. This is an experience that they must have at least once.

Be a part of history.

Circuses have existed for thousands of years. Circuses, from the ancient Coliseum up to the Royal Canadian Circus, have always been popular with kids and families. Although the chariot races, historical battle reenactments, and chariot racing are no longer performed, the circus spectacle is still present.

Animal trainers are still creating new tricks, and performers are adding new skills or routines to their repertoire. You won’t find such exotic animals or performers with incredible talent anywhere else. You won’t regret seeing this amazing show. There is a good reason why circuses are still popular today.

The Royal Canadian Circus is located in Camrose, as well as Red Deer and Fort McMurray. The Royal Canadian Circus also services Drumheller, Calgary, and Ottawa. Every show is geared towards providing fun activities for the whole family, both in summer and winter.

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